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Precisely Standard Transhumanoid Boilerplate

Boilerplate Museum Residency. The BoilerplateTimeline on display at The Leonardo Museum. The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City will have Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett as Artists in Residence during June. In addition to drop-in Sure, they'd offer some boiler plate about paying for cuts by eliminating waste. But they never knew where the waste […]

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Thunder hold off Spurs, move one win away from NBA Finals berth

SAN ANTONIO — Look who's unstoppable now. Forget that incredible San Antonio streak of 20 straight wins. AP OKLAHOMA CITY — Just weeks after taking a stake in Chesapeake Energy Corp., activist shareholder Carl Icahn has helped orchestrate a shake-up at the nation's second-biggest natural-gas producer. Chesapeake said Monday it plans to replace four of […]

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The Straight Dope on What Bath Salts Do to Your Brain and Why They're Dangerous

Bath salts might seem like innocuous household luxuries, but there is a darker side that has recently been exposed. The Miami cannibal attack may, if lawmakers have their way, be the final straw in the fight to making sure synthetic drugs such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana are classed alongside heroin and LSD. "Looking […]

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Venus transit app lets users track the planet's rare voyage

Tomorrow afternoon (USA time) Venus will cross transit the sun and be visible from earth for several hours. Just make sure to use the old 'poke a hole in a piece of cardboard' trick and watch the shadow on If you're an amateur astronomer who plans on bringing out the telescope for some skywatching this […]

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Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Demo

This clip we've got here shows the PC version of the game, and while it looks cinematic, it's said to be entirely in-engine. Most of it being, clearly, gameplay footage. No further info on release dates or platforms. Aside from PC. COM – Earlier we reported on the newly announced Star Wars 1313, a new […]

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Los Angeles

Alec Martinez steps up with goal for Los Angeles Kings in Game 3

NEWARK, N.J. — Jeff Carter scored at 13:42 in overtime and the Los Angeles Kings moved within two wins of their first NHL title with a 2-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals Saturday night. The consensus among journalists who don't see the Kings much is that […]

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Salesforce.com buying Buddy Media in $689M deal

I know the thrill of angel investing and being an entrepreneur. I know the thrill of having your company purchased. I have a hard time visualizing businesses (like Buddy Media) getting this big so fast, the outsized valuations of Technology AP SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Salesforce.com Inc. is buying the marketing company Buddy Media for […]

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National Geo

Venus Transit 2012: What You'll See This Week (Pictures)

The next pair of Venus transits won't be until 2117 and 2125. So, unless you are lucky and healthy enough to live for another 105 years, this will be your last chance to see a Venus transit from the surface of the Earth. PEOPLE who look directly at the Transit of Venus on Wednesday without […]

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Manu Ginobili will start Game 5 for Spurs vs. Thunder

We often tend to forget the mano-a-mano battles that happen over the course of an NBA game. It's a team game, sure, but players love thinking about it in individual terms. That's why reminders like this one from Serge Ibaka, Rarely will you see Tony Parker get taken out to free Manu Ginobili, but that's […]

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CBS News

Wisconsin recall: A test for Obama's reelection bid?

Chuck Norris is jumping into the Wisconsin recall battle, telling Wisconsinites to ignore President Bill Clinton and vote for Gov. Scott Walker (R). Wisconsin's Senate chamber, scene of so much partisan division this year, is quiet a day before the recall election, occupied only by a group of crystal spiritualists drawn by its beautiful round […]

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