Team owner has nearly had enough of Kurt Busch's actions


By JENNA FRYER, AP CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — NASCAR on Monday suspended Kurt Busch one week for verbally abusing a media member. NASCAR said Busch's behavior after Saturday's Nationwide Series race at Dover was in violation of the probation he was placed Kurt Busch has been suspended through June 13 and this weekend's activities in […]

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Eddie Izzard, Jerry O'Connell Set for NBC's Munsters Reboot, Mockingbird Lane


O'Connell joins Mason Cook, who was cast last month to play Eddie Munster, and Eddie Izzard, who was cast in March to play Grandpa. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pilot script has a subplot that centers on Herman, He joins the previously cast Eddie Izzard as the vampire Grandpa in this Munsters reboot. O'Connell appeared […]

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E3: With 'Last of Us,' 'Beyond,' 'God of War,' Sony courts gamers

Los Angeles

As you might have guessed from that collective “Holy crap!” you might have just heard, The Last of Us gameplay demo that was shown during Sony's E3 2012 press conference was one By Marc Saltzman, Special for USA TODAY Among the many hundreds of upcoming video games on display at next week's E3 Expo in […]

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Look: Rare giant squid caught on camera in Australia

New York Dai

A fishing columnist in Australia found the fresh carcass of a 10-foot giant squid, a very rare find. While the writer was filming the giant squid floating by, a shark came into the footage as it started to chew up the free food. Al McGlashan, author of The Fishing Bible and an avid fisherman, was […]

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Abu Yahya al-Libi, al Qaeda deputy leader, killed in US drone strike

CBS News

By Mark Hosenball and Jibran Ahmad, Reuters June 5, 2012 8:17 PM This March 2007, file image, made from video posted on a website frequented by Islamist militants and provided via the IntelCenter, shows al Qaeda militant Abu Yahia al-Libi. Abu Yahya al-Libi, a veteran militant said to have been a leader of the group's […]

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Nicki Minaj, Funkmaster Flex, and the Hot 97 Summer Jam fiasco (

Nicki Minaj addressed her reasons for dropping out of Hot 97's Summer Jam concert Sunday (June 3), speaking with DJ Funkmaster Flex Monday night (June 4) in a heated interview. Just hours before she was scheduled to perform at Sunday's (June 3) Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj pulled out of the lineup because of comments made […]

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Wisconsin recall vote: high turnout raises hopes on both sides of divide

The Guardian

The Times is providing live updates and analysis of the Wisconsin recall election. Tonight Wolf Blitzer has the results from the Wisconsin recall. Also, Piers is in London with a recap of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. On Monday, reporting from London against the backdrop of the London Bridge and the River Thames, Piers Morgan spoke […]

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Big KRIT, 'Live From The Underground': Track-By-Track Review


Big KRIT's individual career moves — specifically, the trio of full-length, critically acclaimed, uniformly great mixtapes that he released over the two years leading up to his Def Jam debut "Live From The Underground" — have had their positives and On the eve of his Live From The Underground album release, Big K.R.I.T. dropped by […]

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'Bath salts' drug ingredient to be made illegal

OKLAHOMA CITY — The synthetic drugs known as bath salts are gaining national attention after Miami police say a suspect eating the face off a homeless man might have been on a high from the drugs.But Oklahoma officials AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin police have arrested a man they said was high on bath salts when […]

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'Star Wars 1313': the game that will bring LucasFilm together

The Verge

Star Wars 1313 Pulls A Killzone 2 Just For Kicks By Kevin Hall Oddly enough what will most likely be one of the most talked about demos didn't come from any of the E3 press conferences, but from GameTrailers TV on Spike. Host Geoff Keighley was nearly Star Wars 1313 is a Mature-rated game about […]

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