Hello All,
thank you for visiting my website newshours.net, this is one of my projects to write anything. This website will contain a variety of topics that I have written or originated elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll write about the financial problems, but it is not impossible I’ll write about IT. It all depends on resources, experience, knowledge, and mood.

I am willing to make your product reviews on this website, writing articles for your website, or even make a full website with content just for you. Everything can be done only by paying a small fee.

Cost for writing an article / review is $ 10 per 300 words.
As for making a standard website with 10 articles containing 500 words starting from $ 300.
Or if you want to donate, my Paypal is ready to accept ..
I would respectfully write your name on the list of contributors.

Contact me at saya@wongsableng.com for more details.

Finally, thank you for your visit to Newshours.Net, I really appreciate it. GBU