Georgia woman with flesh-eating disease in "critical" condition

A woman whose extremities have been stricken with a case of flesh-eating bacteria is seeing improvement, her father wrote Friday on Facebook. AP Graduate student Aimee Copeland, 24, is fighting to survive a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

Flesh-eating bacteria may sound like a bad horror movie, but the case of a Gwinnett County woman fighting such an infection has many concerned about a threat that may be lurking in Northeast Georgia's lakes and rivers.

Another woman has contracted an infection from flesh-eating bacteria, according to news reports. Lana Kuykendall, of Upstate, S.C., had just given birth to twins, when she started experiencing pain and noticed that there was

The recent news of flesh eating bacteria incidents has heightened the awareness of the general public regarding their susceptibility to being infected with this deadly disease. It's a frightening prospect: the idea that a simple scratch or minor injury

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