Facebook IPO: Now the work begins

Shares of Facebook traded as high as $45, near the price of $50 that would keep many retail investors from placing a typical "round lot" order of 100 shares, because the total cost will be $5000 – considered a threshold for many investors.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the Facebook chatter? Is all this talk of the IPO making you yearn for the weekend already? Well, we are going to make life a little easier for you and find you best stuff for you to read.

Today's Facebook IPO is a momentous, historical occasion. It's set to be the biggest tech IPO ever, and the third largest IPO in U.S. history, second only to Visa and General Motors. The company that was once just a glimmer in

There is a strong possibility that the Facebook IPO marks the beginning of the next big leg down in this secular bear market in stocks, which began in earnest in early 2000. While the business of model of Facebook has validity

Here are some of the people who got rich in Friday's Facebook IPO.

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