Four-Point Play: Kevin Garnett shows LeBron James toughness

Kevin Garnett has looked particularly "old" at times over the past couple of years. However, as he's shown this year in the playoffs, any talk of the Celtics big man being washed up may be a little bit premature. Garnett has

BOSTON — Everywhere Dwyane Wade turned, two Boston Celtics seemed to be waiting. And as long as Chris Bosh is out, he understands it's probably going to stay that way.

Kevin Garnett has no time for grace. And he has no time for LeBron James. Mickael Pietrus made it to the podium. Granted, the Celtics reserve was joined by stars Rondo and Paul Pierce. But he made it to the podium after the game because he was

Garnett has a home in Malibu, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant. What they don't have is cap room, but that can be resolved if they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol. The Lakers desperately want Gasol's contract (three years, $60 million) off the

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