Wisconsin Votes on Recall of Governor

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to reelect one of the most polarizing politicians in the country, choosing between two starkly opposite visions of how to run the state. Symbolically, the

The direct-mail flier, received by voters all over the Wausau area, was sent under the name of the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund and lists the names and addresses of the recipient's neighbors and information about whether those neighbors voted in

Right-wing media have attacked the Department of Justice's decision to send personnel to Milwaukee to monitor the Wisconsin recall election for violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But Congress authorized DOJ to monitor elections for violations

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After a brief campaign that followed a more than yearlong fight over union rights and the state's cash-strapped budget, voters in a narrowly divided Wisconsin began casting ballots Tuesday on whether to recall Republican

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