Look: Rare giant squid caught on camera in Australia

A fishing columnist in Australia found the fresh carcass of a 10-foot giant squid, a very rare find. While the writer was filming the giant squid floating by, a shark came into the footage as it started to chew up the free food.

Al McGlashan, author of The Fishing Bible and an avid fisherman, was amazed that he happened to see the giant squid which has long been part of fishing lore. “In all my time of fishing, I've never seen calamari rings so big,”

A group of big-game anglers off New South Wales, Australia, on Friday stumbled upon the carcass of a giant squid that looked as though it had only recently died. The colossal cephalopod was missing parts of its tentacles but

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Al McGlashan, a big-game fisherman and Daily Telegraph columnist, got the highlight of his career last Friday when he accidentally discovered the carcass of.

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