MTV Movie Awards: Young Adult literature reigns

While the film wasn't yet vying for the Golden Popcorn in the Best Kiss or Movie of the Year categories, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" still had a big night at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. The Internet has been buzzing as Logan Lerman,

There are some pretty big stars that are going to be in attendance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and we can't wait for them all to get the Russell Brand.

Young Adult series reigned at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, as “Hunger Games,” “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” were pitted against each other in the annual fan favorite contest. “Twilight” took home the night's top prize — best movie in the

By Terri Schwartz, with reporting by Eric Ditzian (@ericditzian) UNIVERSAL CITY, California — "The Twilight Saga" might not have won the most awards at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, but the fan-favorite series definitely came out on top.

It seems like only yesterday we were going, Let me guess, Twilight won everything, yet somehow another MTV Movie Awards was upon us where, per usual, nothing.

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