Facebook IPO huge but no pop

The Facebook IPO generated intense attention from the media and investors on its opening day Friday, but it failed to generate much of a profit. The stock closed at $38.23 in Nasdaq trading, up just 23 cents from its initial price, when many analysts

We’ll take another lukewarm IPO and the jokes about Faceplant, Saveface and the like. We’ll take it because the Facebook IPO, whatever the stock’s closing price, was a doozy. Early in the day, the man of the hour (and one-time Time man of the year)

There is a strong possibility that the Facebook IPO marks the beginning of the next big leg down in this secular bear market in stocks, which began in earnest in early 2000. While the business of model of Facebook has validity

Some investors had speculated Facebook’s would rise much higher, after other social networking companies showed double-digit percentage gains in their recent debuts. With an IPO that raised $16 billion, at a share price that gives Facebook a total

Facebook’s debut will be the third-biggest US IPO – or initial public offering – in US history. Zuckerberg, who turned 28 on May 14, plans to sell 30.2 million shares in the IPO offering. That will net Zuckerberg about $1.1 billion.

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Facebook Ipo

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