Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Face Eating Attack: 911 Calls Released

By Amanda Crum · 7 hours ago · Leave a Comment The past week has been a bizarre and scary one across the country (and even up into Canada), as stories have poured in about so called “zombies” and cannibals who have murdered, dismembered, and/or eaten

While I don't think that zombies will start becoming a reality, I can empathize with those that are concerned for the future. Times are tough, and all of these real life horror stories aren't helping. What does help is being aware of how to deal with

In my posts on some of the tax proposals, I have expressed concern about lack of Zombie apocalypse awareness evident in some proposals. My biggest concern is the proposal to eliminate the LIFO method for inventory accounting.

Some have joked that the zombie apocalypse must be finally upon us, considering recent news. There was the horrific face-eating arrest in Miami, the Maryland student who claims to have eaten his roommate's heart and

Given all the flesh-eating going on lately — a homeless man got most of his face eaten by a naked cannibal in Miami, a Japanese artist removed his own genitals and served them up on a plate — you can be forgiven if you thin

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