Wisconsin recall election: Message at war with itself

(Corrects punctuation in headline, changes date from May 31 to June 1) * Conservative "grassroots" groups seen raising $140mln in 2012 * Wisconsin a major test, victory could bring more funds * Conservative success could push Republicans further right

By EJ Dionne Jr. Recalls and impeachments are a remedy of last resort. Most of the time, voters who don't like an incumbent choose to live with the offending politician until the next election. The question facing Wisconsin's citizens is whether Gov.

The former president says that Gov. Scott Walker has split the state, and that division does not work.

If a new poll taken by Democrats is accurate, the recall race in Wisconsin is closer than the conventional wisdom indicates. Democratic pollster Celinda Lake contends that Republican Governor Scott Walker and his

Thousands of Wisconsin voters have cast absentee ballots in the state's historic recall elections, a surge that foreshadows heavy turnout Tuesday when Republican Gov. Scott Walker will try to become the first governor in US history to survive a recall

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