Maryland cannibal suspect ranted about human sacrifice

But, sad to say, cannibalism is a hot topic at breakfast tables, schoolyards, offices and coffee shops across the GTA. Blecch. I'm weirded out just writing about it. Unless you are lucky and have been in Antarctica all week, you know what I mean.

Porn star cannibal Luka Rocco Magnotta murdered, dismembered and ate Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from Wuhan, Hubei, China. Then he mailed his foot to the Conervative Party Headquarters.

suspected of killing and eating parts of a man staying at his home ranted months ago about “mass human sacrifices” on Facebook, one of several details that emerged Friday in the second gruesome case of alleged cannibalism in the US in a week.

As of late Friday there were nearly 1000 news stories about cannibals featured on Google News. Stories about zombies were also starting to catch on, mostly tied to the tragic and sad story of an attack on a homeless man in Miami that left the man

But in the Grimms' tale she wants Snow White's lungs and liver, and when the huntsman passes off a wild boar's innards as Snow White's, the wicked queen cooks and eats them – so she is a cannibal in intention, if not in fact. An old Spanish version is

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