Whale Wars season premier: Japan uses tsunami funds to hunt whales once more

“Whale Wars,” 9 pm, Animal Planet. First, at 8 pm, is an overview. Then a new season begins, bringing a fresh conflict with Japanese whaling ships. • “The Perfect Storm” (2000), 9 pm, Bravo. Anyone who likes “Whale Wars” will savor this gem,

Did you see that the battleship U.S.S. Iowa is headed for Southern California to become a museum? I was thinking the Sea Shepherds should have bought it because then they'd finally win the Whale Wars

Sea Shepherd has famously harassed Japanese whaling fleets on the reality TV program “Whale Wars,” and the Japanese industry has sued Sea Shepherd in the Un.

Today, out on bail after being held in a German jail cell since last Sunday, May 13th, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder, Paul Watson took time to speak to the Examiner about these last days in jail, plans for this week and what his thoughts

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