Solar Eclipse: Get Ready for Sunday

In 1992, Los Angeles was to have the best solar eclipse it would see in more than two centuries. It was going to be spectacular — a full, exquisite "ring of fire" eclipse before sunset. And then, to the horror of 15000 people who gathered at Griffith

Several universities will have viewing events for the solar eclipse on Sunday. The eclipse starts just before 6:30 pm and will peak at about 7:30 p.m..

Starting about 6:20 pm Saturday, May 19, the moon will move in front of the sun, causing an annular solar eclipse, often called a ring of fire eclipse, in southwestern Utah. Along the Wasatch Front, viewers can see a deep partial eclipse,

On Sunday (May 20), a solar eclipse will block out most of the sun, leaving just a “ring of fire” visible in the sky for anyone on the eclipse's path. Watchers in the Western U.S. will get the best view of the event.

4, 2011 the Hinode satellite captured these breathtaking images of an annular solar eclipse. You can view something similar this weekend over Bay Area skies! Courtesy of NASA With the Bay Area conveniently located on the West Coast,

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