LucasArts Reveals Star Wars 1313

After being leaked earlier this evening, Star Wars 1313 has been officially revealed by Lucasarts. A teaser image for the game reveals what looks like an original trilogy-era shuttle, which may mean the game could take place

A new Star Wars third-person action game has been officially announced, called Star Wars 1313, and they are going after a mature audience with this one. I hope that means a complex and

By Shaun Prescott for CVG Australia It looks like the hawk eyes over at Joystiq have caught GameTrailers in the act of leaking announcements for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Star Wars 1313. While the offending page has since been removed,

Tonight on the Spike TV program GameTrailers TV, host Geoff Keighley revealed the next major Star Wars game from LucasArts: Star Wars 1313. Keighley went to Lucasfilm's Presidio campus in San Francisco, CA, to meet with LucasArts employees who were

Lucasfilm recently filed a trademark for the phrase Star Wars 1313. Some assume that it's the name of this new game. "1313" is supposedly a reference to Boba Fett, as he used the alias "CT-1313" during the novel Boba Fett: Maze of Deception.

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