Solar eclipse 2012: Best time to watch weekend's solar eclipse?

There will be a relatively rare solar eclipse this weekend, as the moon slides between Earth and the sun, casting its long shadow across wide swaths of the globe. Sunday's event will be an annular partial solar eclipse,

Times reporters Ron Lin and Rick Rojas will join City Editor Shelby Grad for a discussion about two unusual events: the 'ring of fire' solar eclipse that will occur this weekend for the first time in California since 1992 and the case of the rocks that

Skies will clear enough for us to see the partial solar eclipse Sunday night. It begins at about 7 p.m., and while it's not a total eclipse it'll be really cool because the when the sun sets around 8:45 it'll be 60 percent eclipsed.

This weekend, their boast will be proved by the sun. While Las Vegas may get a slight glimpse at a partial solar eclipse on Sunday, Reno will be front and center for what is expected to be a spectacular near-total eclipse of the sun.

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