Are bath salts to blame for face-eater's attack?

By Todd Rigney · 10 mins ago · Leave a Comment Bath salts drugs were discovered after a man led police officers on a high-speed pursuit through the town of Medford, Oregon. Zachary Jordan Krawczyk, a repeat offender who was once charged with possession

Rudy Eugene, 31, the so-called "cannibal" Miami man who was fatally shot as he chewed on another man's face in a gruesome attack over the weekend, is suspected to have been high on a drug known as "bath salts.

By Chris Conrad A man who crashed his car in Medford during a late-night police chase was found to be in possession of the controversial drug "bath salts" that has made gruesome headlines recently and is a cause of concern for local police.

MIAMI — Authorities in Miami are looking for more witnesses after a police officer fatally shot a naked man who refused to stop chewing on the face of another naked man on a busy downtown highway ramp. Detective William

The unregulated 'bath salts' from overseas can cause the brain's danger instinct to kick into overdrive, making the user see everything as a threat. On May 26 in Miami, a naked, "zombielike" man viciously attacked a homeless man, biting off and eating

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