10-year-old gives birth — yet she's not the youngest ever

Police say the second man abducted the 22-year-old Bowman while she was dropping her ex-boyfriend off after a night out. They say the man bound her in tape, doused her in lighter fluid and set her on fire. They say he then shot her and fled while she

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Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential nomination after years of fighting, though his triumph was partially overshadowed by the celebrity businessman who helped him along the way. The man who has confessed to killing the 6-year-old boy at the

Word a 10-year-old has given birth may sound like nothing more than tabloid fodder, but not only is it true, she's far from the world's youngest mother ever. Last month an unnamed 10-year-old gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Columbia after arriving

NEW DELHI: Indian discus thrower Krishna Poonia has no problem buying a T-shirt for her 10-year-old son Lakshya Raj, but the message he wants emblazoned on it gives her pause for thought. Poonia threw 64.76 metres in an event in Hawaii earlier this

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  • 10-year-old gives birth — yet she's not the youngest ever
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