Workaholics Review: "The Business Trip" (Episode 3.01)

Osho Quotes on Workaholics – These are workaholics — addicted to work just as people are addicted to drugs. Work is their drug. It keeps them engaged. The world wants you to be extroverts — workaholics, it wants you to continuously work

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Now, I don't know if the timing of Carell's announced departure and the series premiere of Workaholics was merely coincidence or what, but one thing's for sure – Workaholics isn't the program Comedy Central needed to reel in viewers that have become

Will it be from Workaholics or The Catalina? Cougar Town or Tosh 2.0? Leave us a comment with your favorite quote of the evening, or vote for someone else's by hitting “Like” next to their submission. We'll highlight the most-voted quote as our Bite of

Let's get weird, shall we? Just as the devastation that is summer and the lack of scripted comedy on television was beginning to shatter our collective.

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