George Will, Donald Trump trade insults

It was our much-anticipated quarterly lunch with Tim Kurkjian, baseball analyst extraordinaire, at which George Will and I bathe in a constant flow of obscure statistics, Kurkjian oddities, and ribald anecdotes — like the one about the Red Sox beat

In one of his characteristic conniptions about people who frustrated him, Theodore Roosevelt, progressivism's first president, said of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, 'I could carve out of a banana a judge with more backbone

The latest media feud no one could reasonably have expected to erupt is the product of some comments on ABC's This Week, where George Will dismissed Donald Trump as a “bloviating ignoramus” and advised Mitt Romney to stay away from one of his more

I used to like to read George Will's columns, but his recent column on bipartisanship and student loans has caused me to wonder if he is losing his grip. Many of the "facts" in that column are quite misleading. Start with his claim that the difference

After fading in and out of our lives like a seasonal illness for which there is no cure, Donald Trump is back in the news once again as a reinvigorated birther with wild claims about President Obama's origins. Of course, this

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