New case of flesh-eating bacteria reported in SC mom

The Georgia grad student suffering from a life-threatening flesh-eating bacteria that she contracted after gashing her leg in a river is suffering from an extremely rare form of the infection. Aimee Copeland has a rare condition, called necrotizing

This image provided by UTMB-Galveston shows a scanning electron microscopic image of WT (wild type) Aeromonas hydrophila strain SSU, the bacteria responsible for the flesh-eating disease that is usually caused by a strep germ. Buy Photo UTMB-Galveston,

Flesh-Eating Disease Strikes Again: New Mom Fights For Her Life. Mother of twins in critical Related Items aimee copeland flesh eating disease South Carolina Flesh-Eating Disease Victim Likely To Lose More Limbs

Although it's rare, two cases of flesh-eating bacteria have been in the news lately. Called necrotizing fasciitis, flesh-eating bacteria can enter an open wound (regardless of its size) and begin to destroy skin, fat and other tissue

By Deidra Dukes, FOX 5 reporter – bio | email Bobby Vaughn is in critical condition at Doctors Hospital in Augusta battling flesh-eating bacteria. FOX 5 has learned of a third case of flesh-eating bacteria with ties to Georgia.

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