How the zombie apocalypse starts: Naked attacker found eating man's face

I was more like a guy worried about a zombie apocalypse stocking up on 12-gauge shells. In case things go to hell, at least the good guys have the filibuster to slow the lumbering herd of dead meat down a little, right? So, I believed in the filibuster

A YouTube video by Zack Kimball shows some of the events of last year's Zombie March VII. By Jeremy C. Fox, Town Correspondent The living dead will fill the streets of downtown Boston Saturday, as thousands slather themselves in fake blood and ghoulish

But when they see the zombie apocalypse, they always stop and look.” Trash Bar [256 Grand St. between roebling Street and Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 599–1000] May 27, 3:30 pm. $5 for cost of makeup (attendees can spend more, depending on

Zombie Apocalypse. . .it's here! I've been warning y'all for YEARS that the Zombie Apocalypse was coming. . . IT HAS ARRIVED! Sharpen your chainsaw machetes and stock up on rice and beans. Follow HancAquam and visit

Ive had nightmares about this, Somethings in the air or water. Ive had dreams that I barricaded myself against the roaming zombie gangs outside and I doubt its only from the movies, Its a authentic su.

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