Apocalypse now, or maybe later: Mayan predictions?

Now in my son, I see that same gleam in his eye when I bring him home a new truck to play with. Spending time playing with trucks alongside my son helps me feel like a kid again. That same Peter Pan desire to never really grow up fueled the concept and

Starring the Thunder taking a 3-1 lead by snatching Game 4 from the Lakers after another 4Q meltdown from the boys in purple and gold. Thunder steal Game 4 victory from Lakers with 13-point comeback – latimes.com

For those who believe in the impending apocalypse, such predictions can have advantages. There's no need to vote in November. And, since the calendar ends on December 21, why bother with Christmas shopping either. Interest in the Mundo Maya countries

date in 1957 (Kerouac wanted to co-star in the film with Marlon Brando), and documentarian DA Pennebaker came close, but it's Francis Ford Coppola who's been the driving force, developing the project since the release of "Apocalypse Now" in 1979.

Kilgore: "Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one."

  • Apocalypse now, or maybe later: Mayan predictions?