Apocalypse now, or maybe later: Mayan predictions?

Friday Fun: Apocalypse Now. by sierraprasada on 25 May 2012 in 20th Century Unlimited. Long before he ruined liberals for real presidential candidates, Martin Sheen (as Captain Benjamin L. Willard) made his way into the jungles of

Kilgore: "Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one."

Now in my son, I see that same gleam in his eye when I bring him home a new truck to play with. Spending time playing with trucks alongside my son helps me feel like a kid again. That same Peter Pan desire to never really grow up fueled the concept and

Charlie's debut novel APOCALYPSE NOW NOW, plus an untitled follow-up, has sold to Jack Fogg at Century for a very healthy five-figure sum in a deal negotiated by John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency. Century will publish in

Apocalypse Now used it first to great effect, and Planetside 2 does it again in its newest trailer. The trailer shows at least a dozen of Planetside's various bombers, jets, gunships, and air transports fighting gravity and each other in spaces that

  • Apocalypse now, or maybe later: Mayan predictions?