Sunday's partial solar eclipse is only the start

The group will travel to see a mere four minutes of the eclipse at the point at which the moon covers the sun, except for the ring of light around the moon. They'll also spend a couple of nights observing those crystal clear desert skies.

YouTube Preview Image. This is one of the better Solar Eclipse informational videos I've seen and worth watching even if you're not in the eclipse path. If you are able to view it I wish you good skies. I've seen only three but

The astronomical orbits of several celestial bodies will coincide in some spectacular ways over the next few weeks in Northern California. First up this.

The Sun enters Gemini Sunday (Ascension) morning. Late afternoon (evening on the east coast) Sunday, the new moon occurs at 0.21 degrees Gemini (degree of Alcyone, Star of the Individual, in the Pleiades). The new moon is also a solar eclipse;

On Sunday, visitors to Wupatki National Monument can watch one of nature's most spectacular events, an annular solar eclipse. Wupatki National Monument staff and Lowell Observatory will be celebrating this rare celestial event with an afternoon of

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