"The Common Pursuit": Halls of Poison Ivy

Nicole Taite, a health educator for NJPIES, will discuss the risks of household products, poison ivy, berries, mushrooms, carbon monoxide, and medication. She will also give instructions on poison-proofing your home and how to get help.

About a week and a half ago I felt that familiar itchy feeling, with a slow, red rash appearing on my skin. This time it was on the palm of my hand, just under my fingers. A few days later, this itch turned into a full blown poison ivy

Eradicating poison ivy – called “sister ivy” by certain local permaculturists – requires common sense, a little basic knowledge and a HAZMAT suit, all of which John Nesserschmidt acquired in his personal battle with Toxicodendron radicans.

Poison ivy exposure can produce an allergic reaction, even if you don't have direct contact with the plant says Via Christi Health in Kansas.

I used to get poison ivy all over after clearing the weeds and grass from my mowers in the Texas winds. I had to go to the doctor for a steroid shot to clear it up. One weekend, out of desperation, I first wiped all the rashes down with rubbing alcohol

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