SpaceX completes historic docking with the space station

By Marcia Dunn AP This image provided by NASA-TV shows the SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo craft after Dragon was grappled by the Canadarm2 robotic arm and connected to the International Space Station, Friday, May 25, 2012. Dragon is scheduled to spend

By WJ Hennigan SpaceX's cargo-carrying Dragon spacecraft docked with the International Space Station in a historic first for spaceflight. The unmanned, cone-shaped capsule became the first privately built and operated vehicle to ever dock to the

A private unmanned spacecraft appeared to complete a series of maneuvers around the international space station flawlessly on Thursday, clearing the last major hurdle before a historic docking attempt planned for Friday.

SpaceX's Dragon capsule has successfully docked with the International Space Station.

Meanwhile, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is moving closer to the International Space Station (ISS), and has completed several key tests required before arriving at its destination. The Dragon is expected to arrive at and dock with the ISS later this

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