'Moonrise Kingdom' is mature work with youthful spirit

Moonrise Kingdom is Anderson's second explicitly child-scaled film after The Fantastic Mr. Fox , but instead of puppets this time he has two child actors (Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman) who aren't quite as capable of capturing the repressed

Josh Brolin reinvigorates the sci-fi series, Wes Anderson stays true to form.

Just over a week since its world premiere as the fest's opening-night film, Wes Anderson's romantic-comedy Moonrise Kingdom will bow Stateside. The film has been an initial success since opening in theaters in France on the heels of its premiere there.

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Whenever I throw away one of those large round plastic lids from an orange-juice jug, in my head I hear my mother saying, as she would have said to my 8-year-old self, “That would make a great table-top for a doll's house.

  • 'Moonrise Kingdom' is mature work with youthful spirit
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  • 'Moonrise Kingdom' is mature work with youthful spirit
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