Thinking Outside the Book: Shavuot and the Great Torah Download

When I was first becoming religious and then for next thirty years or so, I understood the Shavuot holiday to be the "dairy" one, no compromising on it. The main course was cheesecake and whatever fish and cheeses served SUCH A SAD HISTORY….SO MANY HOLIDAYS….AND WE ARE STILL HERE…..HAPPY SHAVUOT (PRONOUNCED

It is commonly believed today that the Jewish festival of Shavuot and the Christian holy day of Pentecost have little, if anything, to do with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the two are actually the same

Many people associate the word "Torah" with the Five books of Moses, but according to Jewish wisdom, the Torah and what was given at Mt. Sinai was much more than a book.

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  • Difficult Pentecost for pope as butler probe hurts
  • Difficult Pentecost for pope as butler probe hurts