Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Underwent Eight Surgeries During Show Run, Dad Says

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips' family has reason to celebrate, now that the "A.I." winner will be rolling in the dough and the first move is…

By Kate Stanhope, TV GUIDE Only 11 people have the honor of being named the winner of American Idol, but the title might be extra special to newly minted champ Phillip Phillips after the eight, yes, eight, operations he underwent during the competition

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips' talent is undeniably inspirational — but it's his quiet tenacity that is perhaps most moving. Phillips, 21, suffered chronic problems due to a buildup of kidney stones during the show's season.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter-sufferer from Leesburg, Georgia is your season 11 "American Idol" winner. Try not to freak out. It's really okay. This is a televised popularity contest and the "White Guy With Guitar" happened to get more votes than

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips on winning American Idol! We are so proud of you The contents of this

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