Allen Iverson: 'I want to play basketball so bad'

Though he last took the court for the Sixers in 2010, the Sixers often air an Allen Iverson montage during home games, and fans in attendance are still as likely to be wearing his jersey as they are to be wearing a current team

Fans were standing from the time they entered the Wells Fargo Center to try for a glimpse of Allen Iverson after word leaked that the former Sixers superstar would be in attendance. And the place exploded when Iverson came out of the tunnel close to

Iverson will be watching (not playing) in Game Six of the Sixers/Celtics series.

Allen Iverson, in the days following his Philadelphia 76ers' first-round exit, was more than upset at coach Larry Brown's contention that Iverson's lacking practice habits may have cost Philadelphia a chance at another Finals appearance, so he went off

By DJ Gallo | Ten years ago today, Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson held a famous news conference. What he talked about with the media is still discussed today. Do Iverson's comments hold up 10 years later? Let's analyze.

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