'House' series finale: Boss David Shore on how 'natural' ending came to be …

Everybody Dies” was an ambitious episode, both thematically and in terms of production, and it's hard not to respect “House” for going for it in its last episode. As for whether we liked it

by Ed Bark of UncleBarky.com Given a helping hand by CBS repeats and a shortened Dancing with the Stars, Fox's final episode of House at last won its time slot Monday night. The 8 pm farewell, preceded by a nicely done retrospective, drew 250642 D-FW

Tonight, Fox wraps up Dr. House's tale with a two-hour goodbye (8 ET/PT) divided between a retrospective and the final episode. Laurie, who created one of the more captivating characters of recent times, shares his viewers' sentiment: "I like him.

The hit series House comes to an end Monday night after eight years. Noah Charney talks to Dr. Lisa Sanders, whose "Diagnosis" column in The New York Times Magazine inspired the show. Plus, more of our “How I Write” series with Chad Harbach and David

After eight seasons, the series finale of House had a solid final episode in the ratings, claiming one last time period victory for Fox. House (8.7 million viewers, 2.9), won the 9 p.m. hour Monday evening with its guest-star-filled

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