Cory Booker comments: How badly have they hurt President Obama?

WASHINGTON — It was evident, from the moment he lamented attacks on Bain Capital during an interview on "Meet The Press," that Cory Booker would find himself in the epicenter of a campaign firestorm.

including Michael Steele, MSNBC Analyst and former RNC Chair, Richard Goodstein, democratic strategist and attorney, and Jackie Kucinich, politics reporter for USA Today, about the GOP using Newark Mayor Cory Booker's words against him.

Mayor Cory Booker was so far off-message about the Obama campaign that he couldn't even see the Democratic Party message. With campaign surrogates like that, who needs election opponents? By Peter Grier, Staff writer / May 22, 2012 In this April 13

Newark Mayor Cory Booker again clarified comments he made about President Barack Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's private sector record, stating that he was "upset" by Republicans "manipulating" his words.

Here's my take on what that Cory Booker thing was about. (Hint: 1) Class divide in the Democratic party. 2) Cory Booker is mainly a surrogate for Cory Booker.) To view this video full size, click hereā€¦.

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