Dharun Ravi sentence: 30 days in jail after a dramatic day in court

Dharun Ravi was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail Monday for his role in the suicide of his former Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi.

Earlier today, five weeks after Dharun Ravi, the former roommate of Tyler Clementi, was found guilty of all of the charges against him, he returned to court in New Brunswick and was sentenced to thirty days in jail. (I

I have two kids, one is 20 years old, Dharun, and another younger boy is 10. In 1997, when Dharun was barely 5 years old, we moved to America with only two suitcases in our hands, leaving behind our family and friends. All we had were lots of hopes and

Moments ago, Judge Berman decided to sentence Dharun Ravi to 30 days in jail. We have been public in taking a position of balance: We opposed throwing the book at Dharun Ravi. We have spoken out against giving him

A New Jersey judge sentenced ex-Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi to a 30-day jail term and recommended he not get deported back to his native India. Ravi was found guilty in March of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy and other charges after

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