Hot Online: Lunar eclipse 2012

The annular eclipse, which turns the sun into a blazing golden ring as the moon passes in front of it, could be seen across Asia, the Pacific and North America.

By Mark Hachman From Asia to the coast of California, Sunday's lunar eclipse helped turn millions of eyes skyward. The annular eclipse, more poetically named the "ring of fire" by those who viewed it, almost, but not quite, blocked the totality of the

Yesterday while I was at work, I was telling my co-workers that there will be a lunar eclipse about 5:30pm but I don't know how I can see it. One of the mechanics came up with a neat idea and suggested we use the shops

This Sunday, if you happen to be in the Southwesten United States, you can expect front-row seats to a rare annular solar eclipse. The eclipse will create the appearance of a ring of sunlight in the sky, as the new moon passes between Earth and the sun

Managed to grab a few decent photos of the eclipse on Sunday in between shuffling burgers on the grill.

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