Solar eclipse projects 'ring of fire' across Asia and US

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A solar eclipse arrived in Utah Sunday night, giving people a rare chance to see the moon almost completely block out the sun. Hundreds of people gathered at the Clark Planetarium at the Gateway in Salt Lake City to watch

How do you watch today's historic solar eclipse? If you're in the continental United States, you'll want to get an elevated, unobstructed view of the western and northwest horizon when the eclipse begins — as early as the 5

By the CNN Wire Staff A rare solar eclipse is seen from Tokyo on Monday morning. People across the globe planned viewing parties to watch the event. (CNN) — The shadow of the moon swept across the globe from Hong Kong to the Texas Panhandle as a rare

Tonight, a rare annular eclipse will create a spectacular ring of fire in the night sky. The 2012 solar eclipse will be visible from China to Texas, but.

Hundreds of people gathered under cloudless skies at Griffith Observatory on Sunday as enthusiasm rose for the partial solar eclipse.

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